How to reset Samsung B7330 Omnia PRO

Hi, Samsung B7330 Omnia PRO owners, if you experience any problems with your Samsung B7330 Omnia PRO, please check the user guide for trouble shooting tips & tricks. A hard reset is always the last resort to solve kind of issues.

You can use a soft reset by remove and re-install the battery to solve problems.

if a soft reset does not solve the problems, try a hard reset..

Samsung B7330 Omnia PRO hard reset instructions:

With the phone B7330 powered off, press and hold the 5 (F) key + press power to turn on the phone .

Select in format menu :

for Master Clear: key 1 (e), then (Y)es


for Master reset: key 2 (r), then (Y)es

Also you can try the following step to reset the Samsung B7330 Omnia PRO to its factory default settings.

Select Menu > Settings > Security > Master Clear: reset settings to their factory defaults