Verizon Samsung Intensity Tips: how to assign signature with message

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Have message out with your personalize Signature is Cool, especailly for those heavy texters, But it is not All the Samsung Phones support signature with message outgoing.

So how is the Verizon Wirelss Samsung Intensity? the answer is Yes. You can add a signature to each message !

Follow the Steps below, you will have the signatures configed.:

  1. From the standby screen, press the left soft key for Message
  2. Press the left soft key for Settings
  3. Select Signature (12)
  4. Highlight Custom, using the navigation keys
  5. Enter the desired Signature text (up to 15 characters) then press OK
  6. Highlight Yes then press OK to add the Signature to all outgoing messages

So, cool texters, Enjoy the cool signature with your Message Out.