Verizon Samsung Intensity Tips: How to transfer music Files

Questions are different, but the purpose is same, here it is what consumers always asked when using the verizon Samsung Intensity:

1) How to transfer Musics from Computer to Samsung Intensity
2) how to download musics to PC and move to samsung Intensity Phones
3) how to connect Samsung Intensity to Computer.
4) how to move or transfer Mp3 files from PC to Samsung Intensity Phone
and more

Here we shared with different ways, No Stupid Questions, you know the way when you know it..

First option is Via Mass Storage

Second Option is Via Sync Music

Thried Option is Via Memory Card

I suggest use microSD memory card , the phone supports upto 16GB size, well, have the sub folder named “My_music” The MP3 files MUST be located in the my_music folder on the memory card

  1. Insert the
    microSD memory card
    into a USB memory card reader. (Card readers vary and may require the use
    of an SD adaptor to accept the microSD memory card)
  2. On the PC,
    double-click the My
    Computer icon on the desktop and then double-click the drive letter assigned
    to the microSD memory card
  3. Copy and paste
    MP3 files from other folders on the PC to the “my_music
  4. Remove the
    microSD memory card
    from the microSD memory card
    reader and, if necessary, the SD adaptor
  5. Remove the battery cover then insert
    the microSD memory card into the memory card slot

  6. While in standby mode,
    press OK for Menu
  7. Select Media Center (5)
  8. Select Music &
    Tones (1)
  9. Select My Music (3)
  10. Press the left soft key for Library
  11. Select All Songs (1)
  12. Highlight the desired MP3 file, using the navigation keys
  13. Press the right soft
    key for Options
  14. Select Move to Phone (2)
  15. Highlight each desired Song then press the OK button to Mark or
    check their boxes
  16. Press the left soft key for Done
  17. Highlight Yes, using
    the navigation keys
  18. Press OK
    to confirm moving the MP3 file to the phone memory